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At Black Mount we specialise in the bulk supply of natural spring water and mineral water to the bottled water industry.  We have supplied Australia’s major bottled water customers for over 25 years.

Our pristine sources are located throughout Australia: in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.  Our sources are regulated and we responsibly manage withdrawals to ensure a sustainable supply and to support the environment and local communities.

Black Mount sources are

HACCP Accredited & ABWI Certified.

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Our water sources are mainly located in regional and rural areas of Australia, providing much needed employment in these areas. We employ local drivers and use local service-providers to contribute to the economic viability of small and regional towns and cities. We support the communities within which we work through sponsorship of sporting groups and contribution to local amenities.


Buffalo Creek Road Community Path


Black Mount and a local bottler, in partnership with the local residents of Buffalo Creek Road, constructed the approximately 4km-long Buffalo Creek Road Community Pedestrian Path.  Creation of the path was in direct response to a request from local residents of Buffalo Creek Road to assist in providing a safe alternative for pedestrians, bicycles and horse-riders alongside the road used by our tankers to access our Myrtleford water source. The new path enables local residents to traverse a safe surface and route along the roadside, clear of traffic. At an approximate cost of $100K, the community path was jointly funded by Black Mount, local bottler and the local council.  It is a wonderful community project providing a direct benefit to the local residents. 

Water Fact Sheets

Bottled water is a safe, healthy & convenient beverage. In 2016 total water used on Australian farms was 9,157,000ML. Total Groundwater used for this purpose was 2,357,000ML compared with no more than 1,500ML that was used for bottled water - less than 0.1%.

Bottled water has the smallest environmental footprint of all packaged beverages.