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  • Our sources are managed to support the environment and local communities.

  • Sites operate under a quality management system with controlled and documented procedures.

  • Risk assessments and audits are undertaken at each source.

  • Water use and quality is regularly monitored, allowing early indication of any impact on groundwater.

  • Our sources are regulated and we manage withdrawals to ensure sustainable supply.

  • Water sources are licensed to take a specified volume and all of our sources comply with licence conditions.

  • Water volume extracted is metered at each source and reported to the water regulators.

  • Monthly and annual water quality testing is undertaken across a range of indicators to ensure a pure product.



  • Our sources are carefully sought and selected to meet stringent composition guidelines.

  • Water withdrawn from our sources is regularly tested to ensure it consistently meets strict microbiological specifications and Australian food safety standards.

  • Water is retrieved and transported using our high standard, food grade equipment.

  • We have testing regimes at the water source and on delivery to bottling sites. This includes both chemical and microbiological checks.